Organic Certification Process

Embark on your journey to organic certification by following these steps:

  1. Application: Begin by requestion an application packet from our main office or sending us an application packet request using the Contact Us page.
  2. Submission: Complete the application along with the appropriate fees and submit them to the NICS office.
  3. Initial Review: Our team will conduct an initial review of your application. We'll inform you of the results, including any additional information needed. If you meet the requirements, your file progresses to an inspector.
  4. Inspection Scheduling: An inspector will contact you for an appointment. Note that inspectors only evaluate your operation; they do not certify or make decisions on products or practices.
  5. Inspection and Reporting: Post-inspection, the inspector submits a report to NICS. We'll forward you a copy of this report and any updated documents from your inspection.
  6. Review and Response: Review the inspection report carefully and submit any comments or corrections to NICS.
  7. Certification Decision: Our certification staff will then conduct a final review and make a decision regarding your organic certification.
  8. Notification: You'll receive a written notification of the decision, along with details on how to address any violations, request mediation, or file an appeal.
  9. Certification Completion: Upon successful certification, you will receive your Organic Certificate and Profile of Organic Operations.

Certification Forms

Please contact the NICS Office at 608-637-7080 or for 2024 application paperwork. We appreciate your patience as we work to update our forms.

Click on the link for each form to download it through your web browser.

Operation Type Code Form Required Description